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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New feature for the app "Relax and Sleep Melodies" on Android Google Play Store

We have updated the app Relax and Sleep Melodies with the new section dedicated to the guides to relax, to sleep well, to breathe properly and to choose the colors of chromotherapy knowing the meaning of each color.

In addition to other features that make this very useful app for Android smartphones, we help to make it even more enjoyable experience using this app daily.
Useful tips on how to relax and control their emotions , how to breathe correctly in order to give the right amount of energy to your body , tips to prepare for the time of rest.

The app and the guides are available in 8 languages​​: English, French , German, Italian , Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese , Korean, Russian.

Download free here:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nexus 5: relaxation at your service

Finally came the long-awaited NEXUS 5 and we tried it once with the app Relax and Sleep Melodies.
Great satisfaction for what it looks like, well worth the work carried out by the Korean company that has been able to bring out the best. Speed, resolution graphics, sound and colors are amazing on our app.

We look forward to many users with the new NEXUS 5 that they can use and enjoy our app.

Download free here:

Smartphone Android: your device for relaxation

How many of you would have thought that your phone could do so many things?
Just so our phones now referred to as smartphones become more and more things, which may become a center for relaxation, to find inner calm and the psycho physical.

From Google Play, the official store for Android apps, you can download the app for free more complete relaxation there is the whole store of Google.

More than 100,000 users have already chosen this app and have it downloaded to their smartphone with a lot of satisfaction, many users are writing to congratulate you and many others have expressed their preference on the store putting 5 Stars.

If you have not tried this app please do so to try it for yourself that it really is a useful tool to have on your phone.

In this app has a number of sections including:

- MELODIE AND SOUNDS is a section for the complete management of the melodies and soothing sounds with the ability to run both download it for listening to music.

- In section CHROMOTHERAPY you have the chance to benefit from the colors and the positive influence and relaxing that transmit to our body, accompanied by pleasant melodies.

- In the SOUNDS section you can enjoy a very large library of sounds, melodies and music divided into sections (nature, children, house, musical instruments, animals, cities, others) that guarantee a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

- In the section REST AND MEDITATION can enjoy the binaural sounds that help your rest and your meditation. Mental activity, Contentrazione, Deep Meditation, Sleep and Dream are the various options available to suit every need.

- In section BREATH RELAXED feel there are practical controlled breathing exercises with various stages of difficulty depending on the degree of experience reached, also this section is accompanied by excellent melodies.

- HERBAL TEA is the section with a lot of knowledge and trivia related to this ancient beverage par excellence in the field of relaxation.

- There is also a multi function ALARM to wake up in the sun.

- A practice GUIDE TO COLOURS explains all the benefits of the colors and their therapeutic properties on our body.

- A section related to the SOCIAL NETWORK where you can access our magazine with news related well-being and relaxation, you can go to our official page on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Download free here: 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to sleep your baby.

There are many techniques for getting your child to sleep, there are many other less effective. It seems that to listen to relaxing music before you put them to sleep can help your child get to sleep. At least one hour before bedtime avoid games that can shake the baby, do not give anything to eat to avoid that still has the digestion in progress at the time of rest.
Turn down the brightness of the environment and keep her voice low.

We have created the application Relax and Sleep Melodies to help not only adults to find their inner balance, but also for our children who are struggling to get to sleep or keep it for a long time during the night. Our application allows you to hear sounds and melodies very soothing to your children, the application also includes a timer for the Sounds section that is automatically terminate the sound or melody after the preset time.
The use is very simple and the effect is immediate, the child will appreciate the sounds and melodies and no doubt will find the necessary calm to deal with a whole night of peaceful rest.

The application is free available here:

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Insomnia: sleep well at once, is now possible.

There are many ways to get to sleep, today suggest one that is truly useful and effective, it is an application that you can find on Google Play and is called Relax and Sleep Melodies. A set of practices that enable you to rediscover your relax and get to sleep quickly.
More than 95,000 users have already appreciated this application, you also test the free version or the full version and you will not find repented.

Download free here:

Sounds and colors for a perfect relax on your android device

With our app for android devices you can find an immediate well-being and a real spa.
Do you love nature? Would you regain the natural balance of your body, here is the right application for you, it's called Relax and Sleep Melodies, a complete application of sounds, melodies, images and colors that help you relax and find yourself.

In every moment of your day, you can use this practical application, and then what aspects have already done more than 90,000 people and find it very useful and indispensable.

You have the trial version which has no time limitation ancuna but has only a few limitations on the amount of songs that you can listen to. While the cost of a coffee ( paid only once for ever ) you have available the full version with no time limit.

Try now and 5 stars to our app you will not regret seeing more we grow the more the services provided by this app without paying anything.

Download free here: