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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sounds and colors for a perfect relax on your android device

With our app for android devices you can find an immediate well-being and a real spa.
Do you love nature? Would you regain the natural balance of your body, here is the right application for you, it's called Relax and Sleep Melodies, a complete application of sounds, melodies, images and colors that help you relax and find yourself.

In every moment of your day, you can use this practical application, and then what aspects have already done more than 90,000 people and find it very useful and indispensable.

You have the trial version which has no time limitation ancuna but has only a few limitations on the amount of songs that you can listen to. While the cost of a coffee ( paid only once for ever ) you have available the full version with no time limit.

Try now and 5 stars to our app you will not regret seeing more we grow the more the services provided by this app without paying anything.

Download free here:


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