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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sleep well when you are relaxed, get help from music and soothing melody.

Relaxation is very important for all of us and for our club, a stressed life only leads to physical and psychological problems does not allow us to sleep properly. If you wake up after sleeping tired yet it means that sleep was not correct, but it was only a superficial sleep, the cause is stress and lack of peace of mind. We have created this free app for all Android smartphone to help you achieve an optimal physical and mental well for a restful sleep.

Many users have downloaded this app and have found many benefits, you can try for yourself and see who will become your everyday tool for a better life.

We ask you to leave us your positive feedback so that we can continue to develop this app for free and without advertising, we want to make it known to the whole world.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Android - Finally an app completely free and without advertising for your relaxing

From today, your relaxation is guaranteed and free. We created this app because we ourselves are the early adopters and benefit each day to use this app on our Android devices.This app has no limits and can be used without problems on all Android smartphones is that the tablet phone. In fact , for this reason we encourage you to download and use for free our application because you'll have instant feeling of wellbeing. You have more than 60 songs and over 50 sounds of nature and the world around us. You'll enjoy a genuine spa with color therapy , breathing techniques binaural sounds and much more.We ask in return only your positive feedback (5 stars on Google Play store) so that our app can grow and be known in the world , this ensures that we keep this app free and without advertising . Many build on the gains we simply want to make known to the whole world our app.Now we ask you to try our app and give us your feed back positive, you 'll be grateful.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas is coming, we will give you the relaxation.

Here come the holidays and it's time to relax and think about our well-being, so we recommend that you download on your smartphone the best application for relaxation.Complete and feature-rich but above all completely free of charge and without advertising bars, our application is designed for you and for your daily relaxation.
Have you ever thought that your smartphone, faithful companion, can also become a tool for your health? From today this is possible thanks to our application "RELAX AND SLEEP MELODIES".
If you have problems with insomnia, if you recover your well-being and your inner peace you have to try this amazing application right.
All for free without any advertising, our goal is to bring this app to the whole world, which is why we distribute free of charge and without advertising.

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Our application has only the Google Play Store at