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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Congratulations, doctors have voted "Relax for everyone" a Top Health App of 2014!

Top doctors recommend this app on HealthTap

We are very pleased to have received this prestigious award from the American Medical Association. This award, which we did not expect, fills us with joy because it is the result of a long process of months for the development of an app, richer excellent opportunities to relax, to be used on all smartphones and tablets on the market today all around the world.

Our app "Relax for everyone" (, completely free of charge and free of advertising, offers users a complete plan of relaxing activities such as color therapy, music therapy, good breathing and advice on how to achieve a state of relaxation and to regain mental and physical.

More and more people contacting us every day to make us compliments for this great app and to thank us for having created, many witnesses say they have found a real benefit on using daily application "Relax for everyone".

This app is suitable for everyone, young and old, many witnesses say that not only are aduti wellbeing, but also many mothers tell us that their little relax with this app, natural sounds, soothing melodies and more help to find the right balance.

Having installed this app on your smartphone or tablet allows us in every moment of the day we can give the deserved relaxation in the moment that I prefer. Smartphone or tablet are tools that we have always with us therefore work in a break, just wake up in the morning, in the evening after dinner or during a trip we can use this handy app to relax. Some witnesses say that using this app even during their daily activities such as study, work or sport.
Carefully selected sounds and melodies are a valuable aid to concentration, meditation, relaxation, to the discovery of their welfare.

What do you find in this app?

Melodies and soothing sounds
The music therapy is an important element for the relaxation of our mind, sounds that recall the origins, nature and particular frequencies that stimulate our body and our mind to relax.

The importance of the colors on our organism is often overlooked, this app offers a full path on the use of color and a detailed explanation of the beneficial properties of each color.
The freedom to choose a single color or the entire range ensures to the person who uses the energy absorption beneficial that transmit different colors. Use color therapy in a darkened room on a smartphone or tablet attractively illuminates the corner here you get to spend time relaxing.

Proper breathing
Often we do not realize that we have a breathing incorrect, our breath is not complete and the lungs are not fully oxygenate at each respiratory cycle, leaving part of the air previously inhaled into the lungs themselves.
The respito not complete does not help the well-being of your body and that is why we have introduced a useful section to help regain proper breathing rate and the time to ensure our lungs proper oxygenation.

Using Therapy Herbs
Useful tips on using herbs and above the benefits of the main herbal teas now available on the market help to make their own choices to find the right balance between mind and body.

You just have to try this app already appreciated by thousands of people around the world, you can find only on Google Play at: