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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Recipe for your relaxation.. only one direction: Relax and Sleep Melodies

Do you love nature? Want to relax? Do you suffer from insomnia? Do you want to learn how to have proper breathing?For all this there is a new application for Android smartphones which is called "Relax and Sleep Melodies". It 'an application created by a global idea of ​​relaxation and is addressed to all those who love their body and want to relax and regain your balance at any time of the day aporpria. Whether at work or on the road, at home or during their activities can have with you a real relaxation center.

The application is available in 9 languages ​​(Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Korean Russian and Japanese) and has many solutions for your daily relaxation, sound, music and image quality to help re-establish your mental and physical balance.

The application as well as providing audio visual material provides information for the preparation of infusions and the choice of colors, two practical guides that help you better understand how it can choose.Thanks to this application already many users find benefit and can enjoy relaxing moments.

There is no shortage functions addressed to those who suffer from insomnia, just a nice relaxing sounds and images you can reach quickly the time of sleep. You can use this application even practice it with your children and baby who have difficulty in falling asleep.The application is provided in the trial version with all features active, but with the chance to try some sounds and some relaxing music to savor the sensation of using this new application.The full version has no Ancun limit instead.Both the trial version and the full version regularly receive free updates that apply regularly, designed to enhance the functionality.

Download free here:

It 'very important your positive opinion on our application, because thanks to your good opinion we can continue to develop this great application. The higher your level of satisfaction greater the benefits will be for us to update the application. And then do not hesitate, try this application and leave your positive opinion with the famous 5 star Google Play.

What can I say, just thank you all.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Waking up in the morning a problem? 5 ways to get well.

Statistically the night between Sunday and Monday is the most subject to the phenomena of insomnia:
this effect is also known as "Sunday Night Insomnia" and is the root cause of all those faces destroyed, typical Monday morning.
Waking up in the morning is perhaps the most important moment of the day, without a doubt one of the most that can affect your mood , your energy level, your determination and , ultimately, the results you bring home to end of the day.
Without doubt, a good night's sleep will always be the best strategy to wake up fine in the morning, but also what you do (or not do) in the minutes immediately before and immediately after your alarm clock can have a huge impact on the rest of your day.

1 . Use a smart alarm clock
Imagine the scene: you've just finished a wonderful dream , you're half asleep and with exceptional timing the alarm sounds as soon as a few minutes later. You get up full of energy and ready to tackle your day .

Now imagine the scene opposite: you're in a phase of deep sleep, suddenly your alarm clock breaks the silence of the morning and you are awakened with a start, with heart palpitations and a sense of general malaise. The day could not have started worse.
Is there a way to prevent these two wake-up alarms are completely random?
Yes, you can take 2 to be exact alternative strategies:

Attach the alarm at the same time (even on weekends ). In this way, your body clock will adjust automatically, helping you avoid traumatic awakenings. The disadvantage of this strategy is having to apply even on Saturdays and Sundays!

Use a smart alarm clock.
In the last 2 months I started to use the application to Android smartphone Relax and Sleep Melodies. It gives you an awakening sweet and natural, with sounds of nature and soothing colors. Let me know your experience in the comments.

2 . Create a pleasant morning routine
One of the best ways to wake up in the morning is definitely good to find a good reason for it . For the past few years I started going to run 10-15 minutes after I woke up .

Physical activity immediately after I got up has many benefits for me: I have the satisfaction of having done something good already at 06:30 in the morning, I feel fit and in the shower, at the end of the race, I have the best ideas (probably are the effects dell'iperossigenzione).

Of course you do not have to imitate me by force, but whatever your choice, try to find a very pleasant morning routine: some love to read with a cup of coffee in hand, and still others prefer to meditate.
Start the day doing something important for yourself.

3 . Remember to drink
Just wake up in the morning is the time when we are most dehydrated.

Throughout the night we drank and humidity that we released with the breath has lowered the level of fluid in our body. For this reason, the first action you should take is to just wake up berti a nice glass of water.
There is then an even more effective way to rehydrate and at the same time take care of our "belly." Barely awake slightly warm a cup of water should not be hot, but just warm short, it must be of the same temperature of our body (about 37 °). If you feel like it you can also add a dash of lemon. Drink it and raise your energy level will be as simple as ... drink a glass of water.

4 . Reactivate your muscles and your respiratory system
In point 2, I mentioned that it's my favorite morning routine.
Does not mean you have to run a marathon every morning to wake you up well. Even such simple exercises can help stimulate the circulation and to get a general feeling of well-being.

Nothing extreme! If you frequent a gym you can get from your coach to suggest a series of targeted exercises for muscle toning or stretching. Yoga is another activity that is particularly recommended in this situation.

An alternative to physical activity, are breathing exercises.

We often underestimate the enormous power that has the breath on our physiology and our psychology.
Practicing consistently exercises designed to improve the way we breathe is one of the best strategies to regain energy and well-being.

In the application Relax and Sleep Melodies find a section dedicated to proper breathing, a practice routine that helps you keep the respiratory rate and time to relaxing music.

5 . Get up!
Although it may seem trivial, a great way to wake up in the morning is good ... just get up!

Many of us suffer from the so-called " Snooze Button Syndrome". The snooze button is the small button that allows you to delay the alarm for a predetermined time, while you continue to roll around between the covers in search of a good motivation to get up.

Next time, perhaps even tomorrow morning, try to get out of bed when the alarm sounds: do not think, do not procrastinate, do not delay. Simply get up.

Download free here:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tips for your baby to sleep

Here are some tips to help your child to adapt to the rhythm of sleep as regular as possible.

The Committees also found to get them to sleep with songs and lullabies , which is why we recommend that you use the application "Relax and Sleep Melodies" which you can download on your Android smartphone. This application contains a number of solutions to addormantare your child in peace.
You can find it on Google Play store in two versions, free and full at the following links:

Download free here:

- Think of the night as time devoted to sleep; avoided games and fun activities and exciting things to do with the child in the evening and at night, or at least two hours prior to the time of falling solute.

- Help your child to associate your bed with sleep. Try as much as possible, without surrender, to let the baby sleep in his room, avoiding where possible put him to sleep in your arms or other places and then put them in bed. This is because, by doing so, when you wake up you 'll end up where he had fallen asleep and will want to return to the arms of the parent to go back to sleep. The child must learn to fall asleep alone.

- Resist the temptation to use a pacifier or bottle or the breast to go to sleep, use these methods only in case of emergencies.

- The environment where the child sleeps should be quiet, as quiet as possible and poorly lit. The room temperature should be kept around 20 ° C, also the baby should not sleep too covered.

- The bed should not be too large, the child goes to look for a board to lean on ; never wake up when they bang against the bars of the bed. You should therefore avoid the bumpers. These can be dangerous because they are a pretext by which the child can climb and climb over the bars of the cot and it does not allow the child to explore and control the environment when it is lying.

- Make it sleep on your side or better yet, on the back, avoiding the position on his stomach, at risk of  'cot death'.

- The time of awakening in the morning and evening sleep onset must be kept constant, at the same time, unfortunately, over the weekend, when the rest of the family would get more rest.

- Do not send your child to bed hungry. Avoid drinking too much to do before and during the night. Food and drinks that contain caffeine and theophylline should be avoided for quite a while before bedtime. These substances can be found in many foods and beverages in common use ( coca -cola, chocolate, coffee, tea). Some medications contain alcohol and caffeine and can disturb sleep.

- Some games or music or chimes or rotating carousels put on the baby's cradle can cause visual or auditory overexcitations the child that interfere with falling asleep. Better songs or lullabies.

- The bath can be a soothing for many children, but exciting for others, so if you notice that your child belongs to this second category, it should be moved to a different time of day.

- If the baby cries, consolatelo but do not overdo it. Reassure the child with a small massage or change their diaper if necessary ( possibly without removing it from the bed). Do not turn on the lights and try to keep the tone of voice almost to a whisper.

- The daytime naps vary depending on the age of the child. Should be avoided if too frequent and too long, especially in the evening hours.

All the sounds of the world!

This application for smartphone Android "Relax and Sleep Melodies" has many sections for relaxation, wellness and to sleep well, in this article we present a section specifically dedicated to the sounds, all the sounds that may be beneficial to your mind and your body. Sounds of nature, but also sounds that surround us every day and we make our life pleasant. In this application you will also find the section for color therapy, the section for the correct breathing, a comfortable relaxing alarm clock, a series of binaural sounds for the concentration and the rest, a practical guide on herbal teas, a practical guide on the use of colors and much more. This is the best on Google Play store, over 110.000 download on Google Play.

This section is strung in the main menu of the application to the name SOUNDS.

A multitude of sounds for your relaxation divided by section:

- Nature
Jungles, forest, stream, fire, storm, rain, beach, drops, wind, sea, lake.

- Babies
Lullaby, good night, chimes, dream, la la la, little star carillon sleep, moon, tic tac

- House
Boiling water, harp, vacuum cleaner, effervescent, hair dryer, popcorn, watch cucuc, fountain, drops, sink, washing machine, mixer, grandfather clock, alarm clock, brush strokes, exhaust fan, rocking chair.
- Musical Instruments
Harp, piano, xylophone, tuning forks, organ, pan flute, timpani, organ, castanets, bagpipes, music boxes, band, guitar, violin, tanburo.

- Animals
Dolphins, horses, cows, cats, chickens, frogs, cicada, elephant, butterfly, sheep, wolves.

- City
Aircraft, motor boat, campion, helicopter, subway, bike, ship, railroad crossing, traffic, train, harbor fog.

- Other
Big ben, heart, relax, tribes, zen, environment, Christmas.

For optimal listening quality stereo sound is recommended to use the headphones.
You can also set a timer that adjusts automatically turn off the sound, you may want to fall asleep or sleep for children.

The Kids section is full of lullabies that help your child to sleep, just a few minutes and your baby will sleep.

Download free here:


Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to create a relaxation center in the house thanks to the technology of your mobile phone.

If you are lazy and willing to spend more time in your cozy home, but you also want to take care of your body and your mind, because you do not think to set up a spa in your home?

If you do not want to spend too much and do not feel like heading to the beauty salon, he'll come to you.

How? With your smartphone, you can download the app on Google Play dedicated to relaxation and well-being daily. The app is called "Relax and Sleep Melodies" is a real prorpio spa, images, sounds, music, colors and breathing exercises are designed to make you reach your physical and mental well-being in a short time and at any time of your day. Already over 80,000 users have chosen this app for your daily well-being, you can not do without.

If you want to try this application is available for the free version which is fully usable and is limited only to some music and sounds.

The cost of the full version is equal to the cost of a coffee. The purchase of the full version entitles you to all the updates that will be made in the future without spending more money.

Take advantage now, go to Google Play to application "Relax and Sleep Melodies".

Download free here:

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Your rating on Google Play is very important!

Have you downloaded our app on your smartphone?
Help us to grow, the greater the spread of this app will be more our efforts to give you more and more personalized.

Your simple gesture will be of great help, our currency with 5 star app on Google Play.

Download free here:

An App against stress and tension

"Relax and Sleep Melodies" offers opportunities for relaxation:
against stress
to fall asleep
to recover energy
to strengthen the health
during the work day
to deal with exams
to drive away the sadness
to start the day
before and after sport
Select "Relax and Sleep Melodies" and choose the time for yourself.

"Relax and Sleep Melodies" is an app for smartphones, dedicated to relaxation and meditation, simple to use.

You can download it from Google Play. The instructions are simple and detailed. Their performance does not require any physical effort but only 10 minutes of their time in a calm and quiet, whenever you wish.
The few minutes that you spend at each meeting, enough in fact to awaken your energy and your natural balance.

The app comes in two versions, the test with a limited set of sounds and music and the most complete available at the cost of a coffee.
After downloading the app, just sit back and enjoy the benefits of sounds, images and music at any time of the day.

Download free here:

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Four ideas for your relaxation.

Are you stressed out , sleepless, tense? In the morning, you have no desire to get up, do you feel tired during the day , without tone and with the concentration that tends to zero... At times, the fatigue is accompanied by a variety of sensitivity: food intolerances , allergies , runny nose: it is its time to take a relaxing break by using various relaxation techniques. Here are a few.

If you're nervous, ideal viewing in bathtub
If you feel nervous and irritable to fatigue will greatly benefit the classic hot bath which erases the weariness , eliminates toxins , tones the body. The secret is to choose the right essential oils : lemon verbena , lavender , orange blossom are perfect as anti-stress. Attention to the temperature of the water should be warm , but not too : the essences are added immediately before entering the bath. So you'll get the maximum effect by evaporation : the ideal to achieve the effect relaxation, but also a pleasant revitalization is to add 6 or 7 drops. When the muscles begin to decontrarsi try to imagine a landscape, to follow the trail of a scent loved to see and savor a scene of your life that made ​​you happy . Focus your attention on that detail and tries to accommodate the energy and pleasant sensations that without warning at that time be distracted by thoughts or concerns. Through this view, which has as its objective the evocation of strong emotions and positive you can even experience a taste, emotion ancient . The feelings that emerge in the course of these sessions are characterized by a biochemical happy, characterized by opioids , natural painkillers that convey calm and well being.

You can download the application at the following links.
Download free here::

Repeat words, reading novels
Already Oriental and African shamans cured simply with words that distracted . Today this technique is taken from the laboratories of the most cutting-edge psychotherapy in the United States. With the use of some words "open" : travel, river walk, but also with a few phrases of the traditional prayers , the ones that you prefer, you can expand your horizons and thus change the biochemistry of your body : less cortisol and acid lactic acid and more endorphins , molecules of happiness. The same happens with phrases like "I want to forgive ", " I will no longer hold grudges " ... Even reading a novel is a perfect anti-stress : sets in motion the right hemisphere, which coordinates the emotions , creativity , love of life . Reading , then , is a valid support for the search for new solutions to their lives.

Test the position of the bridge
With a deep inhalation , raises the pelvis arching throughout the body as a bridge. With exhalation , returns to the starting position . In yoga, the position of the bridge has a symbolic meaning , in addition to being a great exercise to stretch the back, stimulates the heart and lungs and revitalizes the gastric and genital apparatus . The bridge , allowing us to pass from one river bank to the other, represents a genuine opportunity to overcome a barrier to cross obstacles. After running for a dozen times this position sipping an infusion of cardamom. Recipe: Boil a cup of water, then pour into a teapot heated when you add a teaspoon of cardamom seeds , a real riarmonizzante . Close the pot , leave to infuse for about 10 minutes, then strain through a sieve.

Listen to your favorite song
How do they explain the latest research of music therapy, listening to a beloved music promotes the release of large amounts of dopamine, the pleasure molecule that helps regulate the brain activity and the various vital functions. So, lie down on the bed or on the couch and listen to twenty minutes a calm melody that you like in particular. From the studies conducted to date shows that follow the notes of the favorite song gets a deep relaxation, but active and alert. Studies also show positive effects on heart rate, oxygen levels in the blood, sleep-wake rhythms.

You can download the application in two versions at the following links.
Download free here:

Monday, September 2, 2013

News for your relaxation.

Now is available the new version of "Relax and Sleep Melodies" even more full of news. Thanks to feedback from our loyal users we have improved the usability and introduced the new section "Sounds".
Over 60 playable sounds with high-quality audio to listen preferably with headphones.
At the request of some users, we also introduced alternative sounds like a washing machine and vacuum cleaner which for many are a source of relaxation. They explained us that many people evokes memories as a child when their mother did the vacuuming or turned on the washing machine.
Since we are very attentive to all your requests, we have decided to satisfy everyone, absolutely everyone even the most demanding!

Try the new version doesen't cost anything, even if we remember that in the free one not all sounds are available.
The cost of the full version isn't absolutely changed despite the introduction of new features.
The price is ridiculously low compared to the many features it offers to the application but we think it is important to raise awareness and spread our application to a larger number of users.

You can download the application in two versions at the following links.
Download free here: