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Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to sleep your baby.

There are many techniques for getting your child to sleep, there are many other less effective. It seems that to listen to relaxing music before you put them to sleep can help your child get to sleep. At least one hour before bedtime avoid games that can shake the baby, do not give anything to eat to avoid that still has the digestion in progress at the time of rest.
Turn down the brightness of the environment and keep her voice low.

We have created the application Relax and Sleep Melodies to help not only adults to find their inner balance, but also for our children who are struggling to get to sleep or keep it for a long time during the night. Our application allows you to hear sounds and melodies very soothing to your children, the application also includes a timer for the Sounds section that is automatically terminate the sound or melody after the preset time.
The use is very simple and the effect is immediate, the child will appreciate the sounds and melodies and no doubt will find the necessary calm to deal with a whole night of peaceful rest.

The application is free available here:


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