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Monday, July 29, 2013

Sounds to relax, music to concentrate, sleep or wake

The theory that the sound hits your brain waves is certainly true, the music of a certain type, allows you to relax, lightening the mood.In very simplified words, the electrical impulse that stimulates the brain, can be influenced by a sound frequency that can bring attention (alpha), relaxation (beta), somnolence (theta) and deep sleep (delta). With an external stimulus (in this case using the sound / music), you can shift the mood from alpha to beta or theta depending on whether you are trying to fall asleep or waking up. This music and these sounds, depending on the need of the hour (relax, sleep, increase attention, focus and so on) are proposed in an application "Relax and Sleep Melodies".
To relax or fall asleep, you can use the application "Relax and Sleep Melodies", which offers a wide range of features for your physical and mental wellbeing. Proposed melodies and sounds in a wide range in the various sections, including:
- Chromotherapy: the seven basic colors alternate between gently sounds pleasant and relaxing.
- Relaxing Breath: an excellent exercise to maintain the correct rhythm of your breathing.
- Natural sound: many sounds of nature proposed with animated images that simulate the real environment in combination with the sound.
- Relaxation and meditation: the sound that helps your rest, meditation and your concentration. A set of binaural sounds specific for each type of situation.In addition, the application offers other services, such as driving to herbal teas and the alarm daily and weekly with the gentle sounds and soothing.
The original application is only on Google Play at:

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Find your inner balance.

What an effort to regain your inner balance!
We remember the good times when we were kids and we knew enjoy life, but do not remember how to return to that state of being. It seems difficult but not at all, just a daily exercise and it all comes back like when we were kids.

Will is power, so much in fact, if we want something we get it without too much trouble, and then try to want to come back to the pleasant feeling of well-being when we were kids and you will see that soon you will feel much better.Unfortunately, today's busy life does not help us to create a moment of relaxation and above all the stereotypes common to all societies today do not emphasize this way of life but that perfectly opposite.To love yourself you have to pay attention to your body and resume the pace of where we were children, after school problems were over and it was thought at the game, finished the tasks you thought only the fun.Even we adults must learn that finished the work you have to think to themselves, to their welfare, their own happiness.Many do not think that a good, healthy walk after work helps a lot to relax your tired mind from the workday. Many do not know that after a hard day's work a good half hour of relaxation helps to restore the inner balance.We have created an application that you can install for free on your smartphone that helps relax the body and mind, you can find on the official store Google Play at the following address:

Images and relaxing sounds from nature for your relaxation.

The nature also helps us to feel better, that's right!
Every day we are surrounded by images and sounds that nature has to offer but we are not used to stop and listen and observe what we tricot nature.

Sounds, colors, scents and pleasant sensations that help our body to regenerate, help our minds to break away from bad habits that affect us more and more every day.

The commitments, work and the pace of life rather tight prevent us from devoting the necessary time to recharge with nature.

That's why we created the practical application for Android smartphones that allows you to meet the right balance with just a few minutes a day, sounds, melodies and soothing images help to restore inner balance.

Find the free app on the official store Google Play at the following address:

And now enjoy a glass of relaxation and chromotherapy.

An excellent anti-stress therapy and treat yourself to some free time for yourself at least half an hour a day.
In the morning or in the evening does not matter, the important thing is not to think of anything but themselves and to their physical and mental well-being.

A glass of well-being every day improves lives and helps to face difficulties with a higher charge.

Help yourself with soothing melodies or sounds that you find for free in the app for Android smartphones on Google Play Store ( you will get excellent immediate results and you will never want less.

Friday, July 19, 2013

A good recipe antistress.

- Fill your bath to 3/4 with slightly warm water (warm, not too cold);
- Melt a bubble bath aroma of jasmine or violet, if you prefer a touch of vitality opt for the mint (refreshes and tones), preferably the bubble bath foam is because it increases the effect of soft and relaxing;
- Switch on the small candles (5-10 not more) that you find on the market in bags of 50 or 100 pieces and place them on the surface of the water (float very well).
- Slowly soak in the tub, taking care not getting burned with candles (I recommend you move them all into one side of the tub before diving and reposition them in order after having immersed).
- Leans back on the bottom of the tank and putting his head on the edge below the neck a small rolled-up towel.
- Now relax and not think about anything except the pleasure that you are trying to contact with the water that surrounds your body nicely.
In the bowl as you like, making sure the water does not cool down too much (add hot water from time to time to keep it hot). Do not increase the water temperature too because otherwise you get the opposite effect and can cause a drop in pressure. The water temperature should not be much higher than that of the body.
Try not to fall asleep and do not exceed a quarter of an hour inside the tank.
When you go out to the contrary avoid taking cold air because besides you risk a bad cold you create an unpleasant feeling of transition from the hot tub in the cold.
Wrap yourself in a soft towel where you previously sprayed few drops of essence of lavender, violet or jasmine.
Finally coated with the body fluid cream flavored.

The relaxation is assured, seeing is believing.

If you want to relax use:

Sunday, July 14, 2013

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