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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chromotherapy Relax: Relax with Android

Are you tired and stressed after a day of work? Why not take your smartphone or your tablet, download the new app Chromotherapy Relax and immerse you in a world of relaxation composed by beautiful nature and relaxing sounds.In your application, you will find four different sections to choose according to your needs.• The first category is dedicated to color therapy thanks to the colors that nature offers us we can stimulate our body and our mind, a set of colors chosen with precision and explained in detail can relax at any time of the day. Colour therapy also provides the musical accompaniment with 25 tracks of relaxation assured with the ability to set the duration of the color change, depending on the time you feel necessary;
• The second part, however, the sounds of nature, spectacular animated images accompanied by natural sounds which will let you instantly in a realistic setting and relaxing.
• The third section is used as the category Breath relaxing, a great tool that will accopagna the perfect relaxing breathing, an alternation of respiratory phases: inhalation, apnea, exhalation and retention rispiro. Times and modes are programmable according to the level of experience (beginner, intermediate and expert);
• The fourth section consists of the tea, useful information and great advice on drinks made from natural herbs, an excellent detailed explanation of each type of tea and a guide to the use and preparation as well as an explanation of the mistakes to avoid.
• There is a practical guide to the choice of colors and the benefits that each color leads to our body and our well-being.
So to summarize, the app provides 4 sections, with over 25 songs, 12 locations with natural sounds from nature, and many, many tips for our personal well-being.Chromotherapy Relax is available in the App Store in two versions: Light (free) and Advanced (at a bargain price). If you want to download it click on this link to the Advanced version and this link for the free version, which will direct you immediately on the relevant page of the store for download.


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