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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Listen to the sounds of nature and environment for rest and relaxation

Sometimes to achieve a state of mental and physical relaxation is enough to stop a few minutes to listen to the sounds made by the nature that surrounds us. There are many natural phenomena capable of inducing a state of calm and peace in our minds and in our bodies, and among them we mention: storms, the sound of the sea, the sound of waterfalls, the singing of birds and other animals. These are just a few examples, but in fact the natural sounds capable of bringing peace and relaxation are endless.

No getting around the city is a stressful experience, always in traffic, surrounded by irritating noises that only increase the discomfort to the point of wondering, ‘What am I doing here? “

You can not really blame this kind of attitude, but everyone has their own responsibility, and unfortunately is not an option so easy to drop everything and go live on a desert island!

Here’s to you, to solve the problem, an application for Android phone: Relax & Chromotherapy. Reproduces many natural sounds recorded live and played with fantastic animations.


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