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Friday, July 19, 2013

A good recipe antistress.

- Fill your bath to 3/4 with slightly warm water (warm, not too cold);
- Melt a bubble bath aroma of jasmine or violet, if you prefer a touch of vitality opt for the mint (refreshes and tones), preferably the bubble bath foam is because it increases the effect of soft and relaxing;
- Switch on the small candles (5-10 not more) that you find on the market in bags of 50 or 100 pieces and place them on the surface of the water (float very well).
- Slowly soak in the tub, taking care not getting burned with candles (I recommend you move them all into one side of the tub before diving and reposition them in order after having immersed).
- Leans back on the bottom of the tank and putting his head on the edge below the neck a small rolled-up towel.
- Now relax and not think about anything except the pleasure that you are trying to contact with the water that surrounds your body nicely.
In the bowl as you like, making sure the water does not cool down too much (add hot water from time to time to keep it hot). Do not increase the water temperature too because otherwise you get the opposite effect and can cause a drop in pressure. The water temperature should not be much higher than that of the body.
Try not to fall asleep and do not exceed a quarter of an hour inside the tank.
When you go out to the contrary avoid taking cold air because besides you risk a bad cold you create an unpleasant feeling of transition from the hot tub in the cold.
Wrap yourself in a soft towel where you previously sprayed few drops of essence of lavender, violet or jasmine.
Finally coated with the body fluid cream flavored.

The relaxation is assured, seeing is believing.

If you want to relax use:


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