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Monday, July 29, 2013

Sounds to relax, music to concentrate, sleep or wake

The theory that the sound hits your brain waves is certainly true, the music of a certain type, allows you to relax, lightening the mood.In very simplified words, the electrical impulse that stimulates the brain, can be influenced by a sound frequency that can bring attention (alpha), relaxation (beta), somnolence (theta) and deep sleep (delta). With an external stimulus (in this case using the sound / music), you can shift the mood from alpha to beta or theta depending on whether you are trying to fall asleep or waking up. This music and these sounds, depending on the need of the hour (relax, sleep, increase attention, focus and so on) are proposed in an application "Relax and Sleep Melodies".
To relax or fall asleep, you can use the application "Relax and Sleep Melodies", which offers a wide range of features for your physical and mental wellbeing. Proposed melodies and sounds in a wide range in the various sections, including:
- Chromotherapy: the seven basic colors alternate between gently sounds pleasant and relaxing.
- Relaxing Breath: an excellent exercise to maintain the correct rhythm of your breathing.
- Natural sound: many sounds of nature proposed with animated images that simulate the real environment in combination with the sound.
- Relaxation and meditation: the sound that helps your rest, meditation and your concentration. A set of binaural sounds specific for each type of situation.In addition, the application offers other services, such as driving to herbal teas and the alarm daily and weekly with the gentle sounds and soothing.
The original application is only on Google Play at:


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