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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The properties of Lavender Oil

It's the new frontier of wellness, the spirit certainly, but also, and especially, with the body.
It's an ancient principle that back now to the fore: the care through the smells, the fragrant essences of flowers and plants, able to give a total relaxation because the sense of smell powerfully influences our actions, sometimes our choices and certainly the our well-being.

The essential oil of lavender is known for centuries for its healing properties for burns and skin inflammations. A few drops, even better if diluted in a vegetable oil base, such as the simple extra virgin olive oil, can be used to rub on the skin in the case of itching caused by mosquito bites in order to obtain an immediate benefit.
It's also considered as the essential oil relaxed for excellence. That's why it's widely used to massage in order to relax the muscles and as an addition to bath salts to be used for a foot bath evening, so that the feeling of tiredness and heaviness felt in the lower limbs can be alleviated as soon as possible. The essential oil of lavender is amazing in case of headaches caused by stress and tension. It's simply rub a drop or two on the temples to get the first benefits.
The essential oil of lavender can also be useful for the treatment of colds. It can be added to the bicarbonate poured into boiling water for the classic inhalations in order to potentiate the effects of this treatment, which is one of the most useful remedies grandmother against diseases by cooling. Another essential oil particularly suitable in this regard is extracted eucalyptus.

In aromatherapy lavender is used to scent and freshen the rooms of the house, but also in case of insomnia. And it's possible to vaporize lavender floral water in your room or on the pillow before going to sleep. It can be equally useful spatter a bit of a handkerchief to keep close to the pillow or on the bedside table at night.
The floral water of lavender and lavender essential oil are often recommended in cases of rheumatic pains. They must be used to make soft massages on the areas most affected by the phenomenon. The effectiveness of the extracts of lavender on rheumatic pain is linked to its anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties.

Lavender flowers
Regarding lavender flowers, they may be harvested and left to dry after they are gathered in bunches. They will be useful to compose bags do- it-yourself perfume wardrobes and drawers. The same sprigs of dried lavender can be used to compose small bundles to beautify with colorful ribbons and be used to scent linen or simply to decorate your home.
The dried lavender flowers can also become one of the additional ingredients for the preparation of natural soaps or candles vegetable homemade. Once harvested and dried, so that they maintain their aroma, lavender flowers can be stored in boxes made ​​of tin or cardboard tightly sealed and preferably placed in the shade and away from sources of heat.

The dried flowers can be used for the preparation of oleolites, leaving them to soak for a few weeks in a vegetable oil base. By the same dried flowers and can get infusions and decoctions Health, which are used for external use for washing ulcers and wounds, for footbaths or for the cure of leucorrhoea.

Lavender infusion
An infusion of lavender can also be taken as a drink by the calming and relaxing properties. In this case the dried lavender flowers can be combined with lemon balm, linden and chamomile, to obtain an infusion with a pleasant taste. An infusion of lavender alone has strong diuretic properties. To achieve the desired effects, it's necessary to count a teaspoon of dried lavender flowers per cup of 250 ml of boiling water, to be consumed three times a day.

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