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Saturday, April 27, 2013

10 tips for your relaxation

Here are 10 tips for your relaxation. Follow these ten rules will increase the success of your business relaxation. Apply them every day and in a few days you will feel truly yourself. Rediscover the will to live and smile at life, think positive, you can fully enjoy the gifts that life offers us every day.

1. Room comfortable.
No need for special environments or technologically equipped, just choose the room more pleasant than your house where you can stay there without anyone bothering you and without that there is no passage of people. Just a bed or a comfortable chair, alternatively a soft mattress placed on the floor.If you want, you can increase the effectiveness of your well-being, making the environment pleasing to the eye, painting the walls with soft colors and tones based on the color blue. Recommended colors are blue, purple and lilac. The blue color lowers blood pressure and slows the respiratory rate and heart rate. For this reason it is considered a color that soothes, relaxes and soothes, and is often recommended for bedrooms and relaxing spaces.In the room you can put some light spots with low brightness, help to relax your body.

2. No noise.
Make sure that the room is well insulated from noise sources or unpleasant noises that may disturb your peace of mind. Avoid keeping the windows open out if there is traffic. While, keep the windows open if the room overlooking a garden or a park. The sound of nature helps you to achieve your relaxation in a much shorter time and effectiveness is definitely higher.

3. Clean Air
It 's very important to relax in a room where the air is vitiated, before taking a seat relax you ventilate the room well so that your breathing can benefit from oxygenated air. To make it even more enjoyable your breath you may want to spray water vaporized with a few drops of lavender.

4. Free mind
It 's time for your wellness, frees the mind from thoughts and commitments now need to focus on yourself, you have full control of your body and you have to focus on your well-being. It takes very little.

5. Positive Thoughts
The board is primordial to be calm and think positive. This helps not only during the sessions relaxation but also for the rest of the day. Face life with a positive attitude and daily actions helps to solve every situation well.We often face anxiety with daily tasks, which in many cases become a burden and difficult to deal with. Positive thinking helps you to choose in a detached way and deal with negativity in a safe and authoritative. Many psychosomatic disorders are resolved simply due to our positive thinking. Life is beautiful and should be lived every day with great serenity.

6. Comfortable clothes
Clothing is important for therapy of relaxation. The clothes should not be too tight and force any part of our body, they simply cover us to maintain our body temperature. The dress should be chosen according to the temperature of the room in which you are located: thick clothing may create a problem of discomfort for excessive sweating, clothes that are too light may divert our focus to the feeling of cold and discomfort that test.A mesh and a comfortable cotton pants can often be the ideal clothing for our relaxation sessions.

7. Ambient temperature optimum
Absolutely not neglect the temperature of the environment in which you choose to relax, a good rule is recommended to stabilize the temperature between 20 and 22 ° C. Too low a temperature leads to a feeling of discomfort due to feeling cold at the same time creates a very high temperature as discomfort due to excessive sweating.

8. Convenient location
Position the cursor over a bed, or on the mat portrona are the ideal place for your relaxation. Surely it must be a place of your choice, and convenient, should not cause any kind of pain or discomfort.Normally the most natural position is that by lying with his face upward. The ideal is to stretch every part of your body making good ground support and defended their muscles to the maximum of the rest. Attention to the position of the neck, often overlooked, can help create a roll with a towel, to be placed under the neck to be of a size that can withstand the weight of the neck.

9. Herbal Tea
The nature delights us with countless herbs soothing and therapeutic, there is plenty of choice on the type of herbal tea to drink during and after a relaxation session. Verbena, lime, passion flower, and many other herbs can be a valuable aid to your relaxation. For more details about the properties of herbs, use and errors do not make you want to download the app on the App Store Relaxation & chromotherapy this to Google, you can find really everything there is to know about the oldest brew the world.

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