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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Phone: a valuable anti stress.

The "Relax" for many people is really a stranger.
Very often the relaxation is wrongly identified with the classical rest that is coupled to the action of "jump" in a chair or on a bed.
Relax instead it means something else, the relaxation has a very important role in our daily life when you want to live well.
We are all aware that we should be able to crop in our daily moments of pause to relax and a few moments in which, however, would be enough to experience true relaxation.

But what is the RELAX?

The Relax is a state of mental and physical relaxation of our body and our mind, you can experience through conscious action in which we eliminate the muscle tension and decreased mental activity, unlike the rest which is a state of relaxation that lower requires no effort because you get in a natural way letting go.
Learn to relax means changing the habits of our body and activate the correct answers and to be applied to positive physical and mental demands that we are subjected daily.
Relax does not mean living with unplugged, but be aware and attentive to everything we do since the main functions, for example, we need to control our breathing and our muscle tension.
The world around us does not propose that the figure of overactive super busy and always in full swing is an example of advertising that continues to present the usual stereotypes.
And 'our job to take the appropriate distances from patterns of behavior proposed by today's society, these activities hammering do nothing but further the prompt defense against stress attacks.

Stress causes us to change our behavior and our usual basic parameters such as breathing and muscle tension. Stress is often the cause of many diseases such as aggressive anxiety and insomnia.

A life with the frenetic pace over time can lead to a deterioration of their emotional state, causing minor ailments, often underestimated.
Lack of sleep and panic attacks apparently not motivated are often underestimated but they are the first symptoms related to stress.

We decided to make a practical application to download on our phones because they are an increasingly at our disposal. In addition to doing the job for which they were designed from the mobile phone today can become a valuable ally against stress.
Try free version of the app and if you think it's a good application you can download the full version.

Free version:

Full Version:


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