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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Relaxation techniques - Relaxation tips to relieve stress

Relaxation can help relieve the symptoms of stress. When you are stressed it is useful to calm down and try to take a step back from the situation that led you to stress. Although the cause of the anxiety will not disappear, you will probably feel stronger to better address the problems that caused your stress. All relaxation techniques expect to make a correct breathing more deeply to relax the muscles, so can I help the most useful app for Android smartphones that allows you to make respirations checked and corrected, fully backed by a rhythm timetabled and over 40 songs of your choice. Do not worry if at first you have difficulty to relax, it is perfectly normal if you are not accustomed to, with a little practice you will learn to achieve the level of relaxation more quickly.

Relaxed breathing

Practice deep breathing for a moment of tranquility and a place where you are not disturbed. Loosen or remove tight clothing you're wearing, like shoes or jackets. Sit in a comfortable chair that supports the head or lying on the floor or bed. Place your arms on the armrests of the chair or on the floor or bed, your arms should be slightly away from the side of the body with palms facing upward. If you're lying, stretch your legs, keeping them slightly open at shoulder width or slightly wider. If you're sitting in a chair, do not cross your legs. The good relaxation always begins with a focus on the breath. The way to do this is to inhale and exhale slowly and in a regular rhythm like the one explained in the app for Android smartphones, which will help you regain your composure. Fill all my lungs with air, without forcing it. Imagine fill a bottle, so that the lungs fill from the bottom. Breathe in through your nose and exhale slowly through the bocca.Inspira regularly counting from one to five (do not worry if you can not reach the five-at first). Then exhale slowly, counting from one to five. Keep doing this exercise until you feel calm. Breathe without breaks or without holding your breath. Practice this relaxed breathing for 3-5 minutes, 2-3 times a day (or whenever you feel stressed).The smartphone app for Android is able to keep the pace of correct breathing and total exercise time, all in a simple and practical.

Deep muscle relaxationThis technique takes about 20 minutes. Is to stretch different muscles of the body and in turn helping them relax, to release tension in the body and relax the mind. Find a warm and quiet with no distractions. Put yourself completely at ease, sitting or lying down. Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing, a slow, deep breath, as described above. If you have pain in certain muscles, or if there are muscles that are in difficulty, spends more time on the relaxation of other parts and do not insist on aching parts. It is advisable to listen to good soothing music to aid relaxation, you can find it in the app for Android smartphones that you can find on Google Play Store. As with all relaxation techniques, even for the muscle is required some practice before you feel its true benefits. For each exercise, hold the position for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat the exercise for a couple of times.E 'useful to keep a specific order for the relaxation of the muscle groups of the body:
  • Face: push together and upward eyebrows, then drop them.
  • Package: tilt your head slightly forward, pushing the chin down toward your chest, then slowly raises his head again.
  • Shoulders: pull your shoulders up toward your ears (shrug), then rilassale down.
  • Chest: breathe slowly and deeply through the diaphragm (below the rib cage down) so that the lungs are used together. Then breathe slowly, allowing the belly to deflate output with the outside of the air exhaled.
  • Arms stretch the arms away from the body, then relax.
  • Legs: push your fingers away from the body, then pull towards the body and finally relaxed.
  • Wrists and hands: lengthens the pulse by pulling the hand towards you, and stretch your fingers and thumbs, then relaxed.
After your relaxation exercises do take a few minutes lying or sitting with eyes closed, get up slowly when you feel ready.All these exercises you can do with them a valuable aid, your mobile phone, thanks to the app that we built specifically for your relaxation. You find it on Google Play Store at this address: Relax.


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