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Monday, June 17, 2013

Relaxation with music

The music is a very useful tool for relaxation. This we all know. It is a relaxation of type "sensory".
The world since its origin is sound, acoustic, and traditions that are concerned with investigating the origins and evolution of man's inner speak of this manifested universe as a reality generated by the verb, a sound, a vibration only and uncreated.
The music, and all the sounds that exist, a factor modulating our physical and mental condition.
We are touched and stimulated, sedated, irritated, cared for and nurtured by every sound, noise, noise from the events of nature.
The sounds are of the zeitgeist, events that synchronize to the real man.
The sound produced by a lapping of a wave, by the sound of thunder during the storm or by the calls of animals and insects invite us to be partakers, actors and listeners symphony natural sounds, which become music, produced by instruments made man-mark the ages, trace the lines of development of human culture.
We are formed in the womb accompanied by internal sounds, from the beating of the heart that regulates the progressive formation of our being.
The absence of any sound or noise could be an event in nature certainly not relaxing but a sign of threat, danger.
The much loved and desired the silence is only ideally, or perhaps because we live in a world so polluted that we want to acoustically quiet sound.
Actually sounds and noises, vibrations and frequencies comfort us, accompany us, background sounds, such as lullabies help us to sleep.
The music is always used as a tool, transmits a lot of information.
The dances govern social rituals, double, war and funeral.
The music touches various spheres of our being, evokes memories and evocandole also changes the way in which these same memories have been internalized.
The type of sound or rhythm or harmony can lead to a state of consciousness well defined, push us to dance or meditation, or call melancholy joy.
The music opens the imagination and stimulates physiological processes.
There are disturbing sounds harmful to our nervous system and soothing sounds, music regenerating.
Once we got in a position to codify the language and the meaning guide us into the kingdom deep, sometimes unexplored, of our being, among the many nuances of personality.
We come together in the place from which you generated the universe itself.
Our app offers sounds and melodies suitable for relaxation, meditation and open the floor imaginative of our being.
We try to choose music or sound that may represent a synthesis of modernity, innovation, originality and spirit of research to find, through sound, harmony and depth.
We propose music or sound slow, intense, music flowing, seemingly static, full of frequencies, beats, flows that reactivate the body and our cells and regenerate, influencing it, the vital water present in us.

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