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Saturday, September 21, 2013

All the sounds of the world!

This application for smartphone Android "Relax and Sleep Melodies" has many sections for relaxation, wellness and to sleep well, in this article we present a section specifically dedicated to the sounds, all the sounds that may be beneficial to your mind and your body. Sounds of nature, but also sounds that surround us every day and we make our life pleasant. In this application you will also find the section for color therapy, the section for the correct breathing, a comfortable relaxing alarm clock, a series of binaural sounds for the concentration and the rest, a practical guide on herbal teas, a practical guide on the use of colors and much more. This is the best on Google Play store, over 110.000 download on Google Play.

This section is strung in the main menu of the application to the name SOUNDS.

A multitude of sounds for your relaxation divided by section:

- Nature
Jungles, forest, stream, fire, storm, rain, beach, drops, wind, sea, lake.

- Babies
Lullaby, good night, chimes, dream, la la la, little star carillon sleep, moon, tic tac

- House
Boiling water, harp, vacuum cleaner, effervescent, hair dryer, popcorn, watch cucuc, fountain, drops, sink, washing machine, mixer, grandfather clock, alarm clock, brush strokes, exhaust fan, rocking chair.
- Musical Instruments
Harp, piano, xylophone, tuning forks, organ, pan flute, timpani, organ, castanets, bagpipes, music boxes, band, guitar, violin, tanburo.

- Animals
Dolphins, horses, cows, cats, chickens, frogs, cicada, elephant, butterfly, sheep, wolves.

- City
Aircraft, motor boat, campion, helicopter, subway, bike, ship, railroad crossing, traffic, train, harbor fog.

- Other
Big ben, heart, relax, tribes, zen, environment, Christmas.

For optimal listening quality stereo sound is recommended to use the headphones.
You can also set a timer that adjusts automatically turn off the sound, you may want to fall asleep or sleep for children.

The Kids section is full of lullabies that help your child to sleep, just a few minutes and your baby will sleep.

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