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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tips for your baby to sleep

Here are some tips to help your child to adapt to the rhythm of sleep as regular as possible.

The Committees also found to get them to sleep with songs and lullabies , which is why we recommend that you use the application "Relax and Sleep Melodies" which you can download on your Android smartphone. This application contains a number of solutions to addormantare your child in peace.
You can find it on Google Play store in two versions, free and full at the following links:

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- Think of the night as time devoted to sleep; avoided games and fun activities and exciting things to do with the child in the evening and at night, or at least two hours prior to the time of falling solute.

- Help your child to associate your bed with sleep. Try as much as possible, without surrender, to let the baby sleep in his room, avoiding where possible put him to sleep in your arms or other places and then put them in bed. This is because, by doing so, when you wake up you 'll end up where he had fallen asleep and will want to return to the arms of the parent to go back to sleep. The child must learn to fall asleep alone.

- Resist the temptation to use a pacifier or bottle or the breast to go to sleep, use these methods only in case of emergencies.

- The environment where the child sleeps should be quiet, as quiet as possible and poorly lit. The room temperature should be kept around 20 ° C, also the baby should not sleep too covered.

- The bed should not be too large, the child goes to look for a board to lean on ; never wake up when they bang against the bars of the bed. You should therefore avoid the bumpers. These can be dangerous because they are a pretext by which the child can climb and climb over the bars of the cot and it does not allow the child to explore and control the environment when it is lying.

- Make it sleep on your side or better yet, on the back, avoiding the position on his stomach, at risk of  'cot death'.

- The time of awakening in the morning and evening sleep onset must be kept constant, at the same time, unfortunately, over the weekend, when the rest of the family would get more rest.

- Do not send your child to bed hungry. Avoid drinking too much to do before and during the night. Food and drinks that contain caffeine and theophylline should be avoided for quite a while before bedtime. These substances can be found in many foods and beverages in common use ( coca -cola, chocolate, coffee, tea). Some medications contain alcohol and caffeine and can disturb sleep.

- Some games or music or chimes or rotating carousels put on the baby's cradle can cause visual or auditory overexcitations the child that interfere with falling asleep. Better songs or lullabies.

- The bath can be a soothing for many children, but exciting for others, so if you notice that your child belongs to this second category, it should be moved to a different time of day.

- If the baby cries, consolatelo but do not overdo it. Reassure the child with a small massage or change their diaper if necessary ( possibly without removing it from the bed). Do not turn on the lights and try to keep the tone of voice almost to a whisper.

- The daytime naps vary depending on the age of the child. Should be avoided if too frequent and too long, especially in the evening hours.


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