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Saturday, September 14, 2013

An App against stress and tension

"Relax and Sleep Melodies" offers opportunities for relaxation:
against stress
to fall asleep
to recover energy
to strengthen the health
during the work day
to deal with exams
to drive away the sadness
to start the day
before and after sport
Select "Relax and Sleep Melodies" and choose the time for yourself.

"Relax and Sleep Melodies" is an app for smartphones, dedicated to relaxation and meditation, simple to use.

You can download it from Google Play. The instructions are simple and detailed. Their performance does not require any physical effort but only 10 minutes of their time in a calm and quiet, whenever you wish.
The few minutes that you spend at each meeting, enough in fact to awaken your energy and your natural balance.

The app comes in two versions, the test with a limited set of sounds and music and the most complete available at the cost of a coffee.
After downloading the app, just sit back and enjoy the benefits of sounds, images and music at any time of the day.

Download free here:


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