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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Four ideas for your relaxation.

Are you stressed out , sleepless, tense? In the morning, you have no desire to get up, do you feel tired during the day , without tone and with the concentration that tends to zero... At times, the fatigue is accompanied by a variety of sensitivity: food intolerances , allergies , runny nose: it is its time to take a relaxing break by using various relaxation techniques. Here are a few.

If you're nervous, ideal viewing in bathtub
If you feel nervous and irritable to fatigue will greatly benefit the classic hot bath which erases the weariness , eliminates toxins , tones the body. The secret is to choose the right essential oils : lemon verbena , lavender , orange blossom are perfect as anti-stress. Attention to the temperature of the water should be warm , but not too : the essences are added immediately before entering the bath. So you'll get the maximum effect by evaporation : the ideal to achieve the effect relaxation, but also a pleasant revitalization is to add 6 or 7 drops. When the muscles begin to decontrarsi try to imagine a landscape, to follow the trail of a scent loved to see and savor a scene of your life that made ​​you happy . Focus your attention on that detail and tries to accommodate the energy and pleasant sensations that without warning at that time be distracted by thoughts or concerns. Through this view, which has as its objective the evocation of strong emotions and positive you can even experience a taste, emotion ancient . The feelings that emerge in the course of these sessions are characterized by a biochemical happy, characterized by opioids , natural painkillers that convey calm and well being.

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Repeat words, reading novels
Already Oriental and African shamans cured simply with words that distracted . Today this technique is taken from the laboratories of the most cutting-edge psychotherapy in the United States. With the use of some words "open" : travel, river walk, but also with a few phrases of the traditional prayers , the ones that you prefer, you can expand your horizons and thus change the biochemistry of your body : less cortisol and acid lactic acid and more endorphins , molecules of happiness. The same happens with phrases like "I want to forgive ", " I will no longer hold grudges " ... Even reading a novel is a perfect anti-stress : sets in motion the right hemisphere, which coordinates the emotions , creativity , love of life . Reading , then , is a valid support for the search for new solutions to their lives.

Test the position of the bridge
With a deep inhalation , raises the pelvis arching throughout the body as a bridge. With exhalation , returns to the starting position . In yoga, the position of the bridge has a symbolic meaning , in addition to being a great exercise to stretch the back, stimulates the heart and lungs and revitalizes the gastric and genital apparatus . The bridge , allowing us to pass from one river bank to the other, represents a genuine opportunity to overcome a barrier to cross obstacles. After running for a dozen times this position sipping an infusion of cardamom. Recipe: Boil a cup of water, then pour into a teapot heated when you add a teaspoon of cardamom seeds , a real riarmonizzante . Close the pot , leave to infuse for about 10 minutes, then strain through a sieve.

Listen to your favorite song
How do they explain the latest research of music therapy, listening to a beloved music promotes the release of large amounts of dopamine, the pleasure molecule that helps regulate the brain activity and the various vital functions. So, lie down on the bed or on the couch and listen to twenty minutes a calm melody that you like in particular. From the studies conducted to date shows that follow the notes of the favorite song gets a deep relaxation, but active and alert. Studies also show positive effects on heart rate, oxygen levels in the blood, sleep-wake rhythms.

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