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Monday, September 2, 2013

News for your relaxation.

Now is available the new version of "Relax and Sleep Melodies" even more full of news. Thanks to feedback from our loyal users we have improved the usability and introduced the new section "Sounds".
Over 60 playable sounds with high-quality audio to listen preferably with headphones.
At the request of some users, we also introduced alternative sounds like a washing machine and vacuum cleaner which for many are a source of relaxation. They explained us that many people evokes memories as a child when their mother did the vacuuming or turned on the washing machine.
Since we are very attentive to all your requests, we have decided to satisfy everyone, absolutely everyone even the most demanding!

Try the new version doesen't cost anything, even if we remember that in the free one not all sounds are available.
The cost of the full version isn't absolutely changed despite the introduction of new features.
The price is ridiculously low compared to the many features it offers to the application but we think it is important to raise awareness and spread our application to a larger number of users.

You can download the application in two versions at the following links.
Download free here:


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