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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Waking up in the morning a problem? 5 ways to get well.

Statistically the night between Sunday and Monday is the most subject to the phenomena of insomnia:
this effect is also known as "Sunday Night Insomnia" and is the root cause of all those faces destroyed, typical Monday morning.
Waking up in the morning is perhaps the most important moment of the day, without a doubt one of the most that can affect your mood , your energy level, your determination and , ultimately, the results you bring home to end of the day.
Without doubt, a good night's sleep will always be the best strategy to wake up fine in the morning, but also what you do (or not do) in the minutes immediately before and immediately after your alarm clock can have a huge impact on the rest of your day.

1 . Use a smart alarm clock
Imagine the scene: you've just finished a wonderful dream , you're half asleep and with exceptional timing the alarm sounds as soon as a few minutes later. You get up full of energy and ready to tackle your day .

Now imagine the scene opposite: you're in a phase of deep sleep, suddenly your alarm clock breaks the silence of the morning and you are awakened with a start, with heart palpitations and a sense of general malaise. The day could not have started worse.
Is there a way to prevent these two wake-up alarms are completely random?
Yes, you can take 2 to be exact alternative strategies:

Attach the alarm at the same time (even on weekends ). In this way, your body clock will adjust automatically, helping you avoid traumatic awakenings. The disadvantage of this strategy is having to apply even on Saturdays and Sundays!

Use a smart alarm clock.
In the last 2 months I started to use the application to Android smartphone Relax and Sleep Melodies. It gives you an awakening sweet and natural, with sounds of nature and soothing colors. Let me know your experience in the comments.

2 . Create a pleasant morning routine
One of the best ways to wake up in the morning is definitely good to find a good reason for it . For the past few years I started going to run 10-15 minutes after I woke up .

Physical activity immediately after I got up has many benefits for me: I have the satisfaction of having done something good already at 06:30 in the morning, I feel fit and in the shower, at the end of the race, I have the best ideas (probably are the effects dell'iperossigenzione).

Of course you do not have to imitate me by force, but whatever your choice, try to find a very pleasant morning routine: some love to read with a cup of coffee in hand, and still others prefer to meditate.
Start the day doing something important for yourself.

3 . Remember to drink
Just wake up in the morning is the time when we are most dehydrated.

Throughout the night we drank and humidity that we released with the breath has lowered the level of fluid in our body. For this reason, the first action you should take is to just wake up berti a nice glass of water.
There is then an even more effective way to rehydrate and at the same time take care of our "belly." Barely awake slightly warm a cup of water should not be hot, but just warm short, it must be of the same temperature of our body (about 37 °). If you feel like it you can also add a dash of lemon. Drink it and raise your energy level will be as simple as ... drink a glass of water.

4 . Reactivate your muscles and your respiratory system
In point 2, I mentioned that it's my favorite morning routine.
Does not mean you have to run a marathon every morning to wake you up well. Even such simple exercises can help stimulate the circulation and to get a general feeling of well-being.

Nothing extreme! If you frequent a gym you can get from your coach to suggest a series of targeted exercises for muscle toning or stretching. Yoga is another activity that is particularly recommended in this situation.

An alternative to physical activity, are breathing exercises.

We often underestimate the enormous power that has the breath on our physiology and our psychology.
Practicing consistently exercises designed to improve the way we breathe is one of the best strategies to regain energy and well-being.

In the application Relax and Sleep Melodies find a section dedicated to proper breathing, a practice routine that helps you keep the respiratory rate and time to relaxing music.

5 . Get up!
Although it may seem trivial, a great way to wake up in the morning is good ... just get up!

Many of us suffer from the so-called " Snooze Button Syndrome". The snooze button is the small button that allows you to delay the alarm for a predetermined time, while you continue to roll around between the covers in search of a good motivation to get up.

Next time, perhaps even tomorrow morning, try to get out of bed when the alarm sounds: do not think, do not procrastinate, do not delay. Simply get up.

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