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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Turn your smartphone into a spa

Thanks to a new app "Relax for everyone" available on the official store of Google, you can turn your smartphone into a true relaxation center. Music, sounds, colors and tips can reduce your stress and free your mind from any source of stress.
Free your mind and let yourself be carried away by the sounds of nature, follow the rhythm of your breath going through the proper breathing and controlled.
Experience moments with the colors of chromotherapy and listen to your favorite tunes all in one click.
Thanks to the high quality sounds in the app you can wander by the sounds of nature sounds most relaxing environment that surrounds us every day.

All users who have tried to use this app have a favorable opinion from the very first use, thanks to the numerous possibilities offered by this app and thanks to the easy to use.
Many users have reported that they have solved the problem of insomnia and many mothers manage to sleep their babies in a few moments.

The app is available in 2 versions:
Free version (unlimited)
Full Version


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