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Saturday, August 2, 2014

How to relax

Take a deep breath… one, two, three… another deep breath… one, two, three… relax your shoulders, relax your neck, your are home now, you are safe, work problems can remain there, this is time for you, nothing matters anymore, no more deadlines, no more things that need to be done for yesterday, no more performance management, no more to do lists, this is time for you.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, imagine a deep blue sky, sun is shinning and warming you up, you can feel its rays on your back, you are gently swaying on a swing, you can hear the gentle rustling of the leaves, you look at your feet and you feel a connection with the ground, you can feel it gently enveloping, you can feel the tree gently embracing you, feeding you, nurturing you.

Use "Relax for everyone" for you relax.

Let go of any tensions, all your thoughts quieten down like small bubbles on a surface, your heart expands and you feel pink light emanating from it, this is time for you because you matter as much as any other human being, this is time to just simply exist and be yourself.

Would you like to know what it feels like to be relaxed, to be at peace, to be able to accomplish all your chores in a nice, calm manner, to have time for yourself, to be able tender to your own needs, to live without anxiety, to live without worrying, to live with joy, to love yourself, to know your own self worth and to know that you deserve all of those things and it is safe for you to have them? Say yes, close your eyes and feel these energies enter your aura.


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